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Coach Bio: Kevin Graefe

My first year after graduating college, I coached youth football for a season. I was hooked. Although I wanted to continue coaching, my Air Force career got in the way for a few years until my kids were old enough to play a sport. They wanted to play soccer so I immersed myself in coaching and playing soccer in order to be a better coach. Soccer was a great game when the players are young with lots of scoring. However, as players get older the game changes and becomes a battle of 1-0 games or worse…tied games.

When my kids were in 4th and 5th grade they found my old lacrosse sticks in the garage and asked to use them in the yard. Thankfully, they had a great time and asked to switch to lacrosse. I took this great opportunity to delve in to a game I only toyed around with when I was a kid. I signed up two thirds of the youth soccer team and switched to coaching lacrosse.

I feel you need to play a sport to understand how to coach it. I played 3 years in the Vail Shootout tournament on a men’s team and loved every minute of it. I have coached in the Parker Hawks from 2008-2013 and at Chaparral from 2010-the present. I have been a C team head coach, offense and defensive coordinators for JV and Varsity. Although my kids are close to graduating, I see myself coaching lacrosse at Chap for many years to come.

Position: Varsity Head Coach
Alma Mater: University of New Mexico (Undergrad), Troy State University (Graduate)
Graduating Year: 1993, 2000