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Spring Season Volunteer Opportunities


  • Team Dinners – Occur weekly on a non-game weekday night – there will be a dinner for each team (Varsity, JV and C team) – Dinners can be at parent volunteer house or in the Commons at CHS. The Commons are reserved for that consistent weekday night from March through the end of the season. Parent volunteers provide meal for the entire team one time. There will be multiple volunteers for these dinners. This is a good one to partner up with other parents to make the meal. Can be as simple as pizza in the Commons or homemade meal in homes. The idea is to bring the teams together weekly for food, fun and team building. Meals normally only last about an hour from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. This is an excellent way to get to know the players and coaches on your son’s team.


  • Away Game Meals – Brown bag lunch for each player, coach and managers by team. Occurs prior to every AWAY game. Volunteer(s) take on this responsibility for the entire season. Helpful to have multiple volunteers who work together on these meals. Need volunteer(s) for each team. Volunteers prepare simple meals and deliver to the team bus prior to departure to the away game. This usually occurs early afternoon during the week. Volunteers can submit receipts for this activity.


  • Locker Tags – One time activity by team. Prepare locker tags and place them on the lockers.


  • Game Filming or Photography – Film Team games (Varsity, JV or C Team home and away games) and provide media to coaches following game.


  • Gate Admission – Varsity home games played at Sports Authority field only – Volunteers needed to take admission and turn in proceeds to Treasurer following each game at Sport Authority field. Same volunteer group for all home games.


  • Home Game Announcer – Public address game announcers for Varsity home games played at Sports Authority field only.


  • Stats for Varsity, JV and C Team games – Take stats at each Varsity, JV or C team game (home and away) – need volunteer group for each team. Two member minimum for each group so one can call out the stat and other record. Swap at half or quarters. Return stats to coaches following each game.


  • Extreme Community Makeover (ECM) – Fundraising event happens on a Saturday in April. Opportunity for players to help others and work together as a team. Generally yard work/cleanup/repair activities for homeowners in a Denver neighborhood. Prior to the event, Players send out letters to family/friends/neighbors explaining their participation in the ECM event and requesting donations to support the team.   Chairperson will relay the many opportunities to volunteer as team leaders on that day and other needs. Following the event, Players will send thank you notes to all of the people who made donations.


  • Senior Recognition Game – Chairperson works with volunteers to provide recognition of senior players and parents at the Senior Recognition game. Planning and responsibility for player recognition items.


  • End of Season Banquet – Chairperson secures the venue, food and volunteers for this event.