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Threaded Ink Store

Chaparral Boy’s Lacrosse has a Novelty/Apparel Store run by Threaded Ink in Parker, CO.

There was a desire for a couple items that Threaded Ink was not able to find a way to economically provide as options in the store. So the Guthrie's have decided to take on ties and letterman sweaters. If you are interested in one or both of those items, please let them know via email( They will work on pricing based on how many are interested. The Letterman Sweaters (blank - Navy & White) are estimated to be about $80.00 (plus letter application and embroidery of name) and the ties will run around $10.00 (+ $9.00 optional embroidery fee). Depending upon interest level, they will work with the companies on more of a price break. Attached are pictures of the proposed Tie and Letterman Sweater.